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Locally-owned and operated – if you own a home, this phrase absolutely must describe your roofing company. If you haven’t had your roof inspected in the past 10-15 years by a locally-owned and operated roofing company, we recommend you set that inspection up today. The local roofing company you should contact is Sibley Construction based in the Lafayette Parish, LA, area.

Lafayette LA roof replacement

The reason we stress that exact criteria – locally-owned and operated – is because when storms come through Lafayette, LA, or New Iberia, LA, so do the itinerant roofers. Or perhaps we should refer to them as the “so-called roofers.” Anyone can ride into Acadia Parish, LA, offer to inspect your roof, then tell you they have found roof damage and will do the work … and they can start today!

There are several things wrong with that scenario. Warning lights should flash in your mind. First of all, who are they and what are their credentials? Where are they based? Do they have a business card? Do they have a company logo on the side of their truck? Will they provide references, actual people you can call before you make a decision? Can you look at their website? Are they licensed and insured? If you need roof repair or replacement from Jackson Parish, LA, to St. Martin Parish, LA, you need to call an established local company with expertise in roofing. Call Sibley Construction.

Your Lafayette Parish LA Roof Replacement ContractorIf that Roofer Can Start Today, Beware!

The biggest warning of all is their claim that they can start today. Most reputable contractors cannot start today. Reputable contractors are in demand. They have other projects in process and will schedule your job to be started as soon as possible, but it won’t be today. It won’t be the same day they inspect your roof.

If they are not local, why would you choose them to repair your roof? Whether your home is in Evangeline Parish, LA, or Vermilion Parish, LA, if your roofer is from another area – or state – will you be able to find them if something goes wrong? Is the person at your door the owner of the so-called roofing company? Who is the owner, and when can you meet with them?

If the Company’s Owner Can’t Meet with You, Beware!

I’m Kyle Sibley, owner of Sibley Construction, and I can meet with you personally to discuss the condition of your Lafayette, LA, area roof and whether repair or replacement is necessary. My roof inspectors are the best in the business, and you may just see me right up there with them. I’m very much a hands-on business owner, involved in every project my company takes on. I know my way around a roof! What’s more, my staff, my crews and I live here in the Lafayette Parish area. Sibley Construction is your neighbor and your friend. Our credibility and commitment to pleasing our customers is unsurpassed in the industry.

Youngsville LA Roof Replacement

As the owner of Sibley Construction, I feel strongly that a business owner should work with clients on a one-to-one basis. Roofing is not an easy business, and homeowners need reassurance that they can count on the person behind the business name. I will get personally involved in your project. I can meet with your insurance agent, file your claim and answer any questions you may have. And YES, you may see me up on the roof helping to complete your roof replacement or repair project. You’re more likely to find me on a job site talking with homeowners than behind the desk in my office.

If Your Roofing Company Doesn’t Have Extensive Experience with Insurance Restoration, Beware!

Because Sibley Construction is a locally-owned and operated renovation and restoration company, we know all the angles to working with your insurance company to get your roof repaired properly. Insurance restoration is one of our specialties. Do not place your insurance claim in the hands of a less-experienced roofing company. If you have questions about the insurance restoration process, please give me a call so I can answer them for you.

In the Lafayette, LA, area, call Sibley Construction at (337) 330-2213 today or visit our contact page for a free estimate. Our hands-on dedication to each client’s satisfaction cannot be matched. Sibley Construction is the local Louisiana roofing contractor you need on your side.

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