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Does your home need a facelift on the outside or renovation on the inside? If you’ve been thinking about remodeling to update your home, the time to act is now! Sibley Construction Services is tried and tested as your reliable home remodeling contractors. We understand the motivation behind wanting to remodel for your own comfort and enjoyment or needing to renovate prior to listing your home for sale. Either way, we are eager to get started.


Are there things about your home’s exterior that you’ve never been completely happy with? Stand in front of your home and try to look at it with an objective eye. What would you change? If this were someone else’s home and they asked for your opinion, what would you say? If you were buying this home all over again, do you hear yourself saying, “Well … I like the look of this home except for  …” Except for what?

We usually see two scenarios when we’re consulted about exterior home remodeling. In the first scenario, the homeowners have had certain changes in mind for ages but have not moved forward to act on those desires. In the second scenario, a homeowner has been advised by their realtor that some specific change to the exterior would help sell the home more quickly.

Either way, an exterior home renovation is the fastest way to increase your home’s curb appeal. What do you see about other homes that you wish you had with yours? If you have an uncovered front entry, whether it’s a stoop or just a step and a door, how would your home look with a true front porch—or at least a roof over that entry? Updating the home’s front entry can bring stunning results, and that’s just one example.

Lafayette LA Kitchen Remodeling Contractor


What are your reasons for wanting to explore interior home renovations? In general, there are more reasons than we could possible cover here, but let’s look at a few of them:

  • Expansion the square footage or opening up your floor plan

A desire for expansion suggests you’re having growing pains, but that’s not always the case. Here are some reasons our clients have wanted to expand their home:

– A growing family—”one on the way” …  

– Elderly parents who can no longer live alone, creating the need for an in-law suite …

– The sudden need to add a home office …

– The life-long desire for a craft or hobby room; with retirement, it’s time!

– The space for dining and entertaining has always seemed too cramped …

– The house has always needed a sunroom … and a screened porch …

  • Updating a kitchen or bathroom

After a certain number of years or decades with the same appliances and fixtures, it’s time for changes. While you’re updating your appliances and fixtures, what about the cabinets? You really don’t want cabinets from another era paired with up-to-the-minute appliances and fixtures. Once you get into kitchen and bath renovation/remodeling, you might as well get everything upgraded while you have us on site. This is also the time to consider enlarging your kitchen or bathroom. Cooking will be a pleasure in an updated kitchen. Remodeling a master bathroom is your chance to create the soothing retreat you’ve always wanted.

Lafayette LA Bath Remodeling Contractor

  • Maintenance or energy efficiency

Have you had an energy audit and suddenly know how much money you could save on utilities if you sealed up leaks around the back door and replaced your drafty, old windows? New windows with slimmer trim can lighten up your home. The window sash, the jamb, the sill, the casing … designers have been creating new window designs year after year. You may be surprised how refreshing new windows can be.


As you can see from this very brief list, home renovation can meet many goals at once:

  • To repair
  • To refresh
  • To modernize
  • To expand
  • To open up
  • To revitalize
  • To repurpose

How many of these could apply to your home?

  • Have you purchased an older home with the intention of bringing it up to date?
  • Have you decided you’ll move in the next five years but want to make the improvements now so you can enjoy them for a while, too?
  • Have you been waiting for the kids to move out so you could finally configure the house as you want it?
  • Have you put up with a poor design for years and finally feel it’s time to improve that?

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At Sibley Construction Services, we are licensed, bonded and insured to deliver quality service. We are classified as a Class “B”—General Building Contractor—to provide comprehensive construction and remodeling services. With interest rates low, you may be able to move forward sooner than you think.

Sibley ConstructionLook to Sibley Construction Services for professional interior and exterior home remodeling. In Lafayette, LA, call Sibley Construction Services at (337) 264-9238.




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