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Anticipatory storm preparation is key to minimizing damage to your Lafayette or Shreveport, LA, home or business.Hail storms and hurricanes are two weather phenomena likely to target the areas of Shreveport LA and Lafayette LA this year. In the case of either, if your property incurs storm damage you may have to make decisions regarding where to go for storm damage assessment and assistance with insurance restoration. In the case of incoming hurricanes, you have an additional decision: To board up or not. Sibley Construction Services can help you with all three of these. If you experience flooding from a storm or incur fire damage, you may have even more reason to reach out to Sibley Construction: we offer mold remediation and abatement as well as fire damage restoration. Mold growth is likely after flooding in your home or business.

Hailstones and the damage they cause are fresh on our minds right now for two reasons. First, April 2 was the anniversary of the horrible hail storm the Lafayette, LA, area experienced in 2017. Homes and businesses in that area witnessed 1″ hail, approximately the size of a quarter, which created significant damage.

Shreveport LA Hail Storm

Meanwhile, we just saw a big hail storm in Shreveport on April 6. As always, if unsheltered cars in your area show signs of hail damage, it’s likely your roof will, too. You can’t determine the severity of this damage by looking up at your roof. You need a professional roof assessment in case the hailstones created damage that will worsen over time. Roof repairs will be less expensive if made soon after the storm. The longer you wait to seek repairs, the more expensive those repairs will become.

Hurricane and Tornado Damage to HomeMoving on from hailstones to hurricanes, we have seen a prediction that the 2018 hurricane season could be as bad as or worse than that of 2017. This prediction comes from Global Weather Oscillations Inc. (GWO). GWO partners with the International Hurricane Protection Association – INHPA. GWO was the only major hurricane prediction organization to be right about the 2017 hurricane season.

GWO predicts that storms in 2018 will be as bad as 2017 or worse, possibly setting new records (again). They also say that while the 2018 storm season will be “strikingly similar” to last year’s, some of this year’s hurricane landfalls will hit different locations. Specifically, they predict four major hurricanes, all with the potential for United States landfall, and two of these will likely have major impact. “On the average, the entire Atlantic Basin has 12 named storms, 6 hurricanes and 2.7 major hurricanes” coming in 2018.

What can homeowners and business owners do besides watch and wait? When a large storm makes the news as being headed toward Louisiana, you may need to consider boarding up your home or business. Sibley Construction Services offers a board-up service to help protect your assets in a coming storm. We have the right equipment and experience, so the job will be done correctly to minimize damage to your property.

Sibley ConstructionWhether it’s hailstones or hurricanes that cause storm damage to your property, you can look to Sibley Construction Services for professional storm damage assessment, insurance restoration and mold remediation and abatement. In Lafayette, LA, call Sibley Construction Services at (337) 264-9238. In Shreveport, LA, call Sibley Construction Services at (318) 848-7187.



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