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Reroof, Recover, Replace – What Do These Mean and Which Do You Need?

When a homeowner looks up at their home’s roof, they see shingles – and may think that’s all there is to roofing.  Below those shingles, however, are additional roofing components that work with shingles to protect your home. When Sibley Construction examines your roof, we inspect all of these components. Our objective is to determine whether your roof needs to be recovered or replaced.

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Contact Sibley For Mold Remediation and Abatement

As Storm Season Continues, Be Vigilant About Mold Growth and Call Sibley For Remediation

We can’t say it often enough: during storm season – from June 1 through November 30 – your home is at greater risk for developing dangerous mold growth. The likelihood of mold infestation increases if your home is flooded or if storm damage to the exterior of your home allows water to seep in.

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Sibley Construction Can Help You, And Your Home, Weather The Storm!

We are in the thick or storm and hurricane season and we are ready at Sibley Construction to handle all of your storm damage, insurance re-building, large loss repair, roof replacement and mold mitigation needs in the Lafayette area. No one wants a storm to barrel through their neighborhood, but inevitably Mother Nature can have unpredictable plans.

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