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When a homeowner looks up at their home’s roof, they see shingles – and may think that’s all there is to roofing.  Below those shingles, however, are additional roofing components that work with shingles to protect your home. When Sibley Construction examines your roof, we inspect all of these components. Our objective is to determine whether your roof needs to be recovered or replaced.

Lafayette LA roofing specialists

Because roofing can seem mysterious to the homeowner, you must rely on your roofer to tell you what shape your roof is in. That means you’d better have a roofer you can trust for their expertise! You don’t want a roofing company to replace your roof unnecessarily.

In some circumstances, your roof can be recovered instead of replaced. You won’t be able to determine this by standing on the ground and looking up at your roof. Even if you go up on the roof, you won’t know what to look for unless you’re a roofing expert. Note: we do NOT recommend that homeowners go up on the roof to conduct their own inspection. Being up on a sloped roof is dangerous! Please leave this task to experienced roofers.

Sibley Construction is the Lafayette, LA, area roofing company you can trust

On any of these occasions, Sibley Construction will examine your roof and tell you exactly what work is necessary:

  • Signs of trouble – have you noticed a leak or any other indications of a problem?
  • Hail damage – if nearby cars have been dented by hail, your roof needs to be inspected as soon as possible. You will not see hail damage from the ground.
  • Periodic roof inspection – at least once every 1-3 years for a residential roof.

Storm damage to home exterior siding and roof

Lafayette LA Upscale Roofing ContractorReroofing, Recovering & Replacement

While these words sound similar, each has its own meaning. Ask your roofing contractor to be very specific.

Reroofing includes replacing or recovering. It’s a term that covers either aspect. If you’re told the work you need done is “reroofing,” ask for more information.

Recovering is a way to restore your roof’s protective function without the expense of replacing the entire roof. When we recover a roof, we install new materials over the existing roof. In most locations, the building code does not allow more than two roof coverings on a building. Your roofer will be familiar with building codes in your area.

Replacement entails removing the existing roof covering, replacing damaged materials underneath the shingles and installing a new roof covering. Removal is also called “tear-off.”

Sibley roofing team replacing this roof in Lafayette Parish which was damaged due to hail.

Sibley roofing team replacing this roof in Lafayette Parish which was damaged due to hail.

When Sibley Construction replaces your roof, we replace more than just the shingles. We replace all working components as needed because several layered components make up your home’s roof. We start with the decking, which is plywood. We apply an ice and water shield, then add a tar paper or felt underlayment. Finally, we install the shingles. The ice and water shield protects against ice dams and wind-driven rain. We also use it to seal around vents, chimneys, dormer windows and skylights, etc.

Homeowner's Insurance ClaimsWhen Recovering Your Roof Is Enough

  • If your roof has only one layer of shingles and decking is in good condition, removal may not be needed. The existing layer will provide a secondary back-up roof for the new shingles. Leaving it intact will also save the cost of removing and disposing or recycling the old shingles.
  • Before recommending replacement or recovering, Sibley Construction checks to be sure local building codes are being followed.

When Roof Replacement Will Probably Be Necessary

If our inspection reveals any of the following conditions, we will recommend replacing your roof:

  • The wooden roof deck has begun to rot or warp. Damaged or rotten deck boards will need to be replaced.
  • Significant gaps exist between the deck boards.
  • Your roof already has two layers of existing shingles on the roof.
  • The roof structure shows signs of sagging, which could indicate structural defects. We will bring in a licensed structural engineer to evaluate your home’s roof structure.
  • Existing shingles are uneven and distorted. The shingles need to be flat enough for the new roof to lay flat.

As you can see, many factors determine whether a roof can be recovered or must be replaced. It’s important to work with a reputable roofing company like Sibley Construction. The right decision can ensure that your roof performs as expected to protect your home and its contents.

In the Lafayette, LA, area, call Sibley Construction at (337) 330-2213 today or visit our contact page for a free estimate. Our expertise cannot be matched. Sibley Construction is the local Louisiana roofing contractor you can rely on.

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