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Indoor Air Quality AssessmentIndoor Air Quality Assessment

Sibley Construction Services is a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association. Our certified technicians will assist you in selecting an Industrial Hygienist to perform tests and design the appropriate plan of action to safeguard you indoor air quality. The assessment of your indoor air quality begins with a moisture survey. This survey tracks the present level of moisture in the structure, allowing the hygienist to determine the problem and develop the appropriate protocol.

Moisture survey determines

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity

The survey will also discover the presence of molds, asbestos, lead, chemicals and allergens.

Indoor air quality problems are caused by both air pollutants and improper ventilation. Some air pollutants that affect both homes and offices include combustion sources, asbestos, humidification devices, HVAC systems and outdoor pollutants such as radon and pesticides to name a few. The concentration of certain pollutants can be increased by higher temperatures and levels of humidity.

Ventilation problems are evident if moisture collects on windows or walls, the air is smelly or stuffy, HVAC system equipment is dirty or items such as books or shoes become moldy. The amount of moisture that the air can hold in a building is dependent on the temperature of the air. An excess of moisture in a building is reason for concern regarding the indoor air quality since this moisture provides adequate breeding conditions for microorganisms such as molds.

Our team will then help you to create guidelines for reducing negative indoor air quality conditions within your home or commercial building. Once these steps have been completed, the remediation and restoration processes can begin. During the remediation and restoration, we will supervise to ensure that the protocols set by the Industrial Hygienist are properly implemented. Our team will also make certain that engineering controls are properly designed to protect all occupants of the affected area.

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