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Mold is a word that strikes fear in homeowners—and with good reason, especially during the storm and hurricane season. Mold problems can harm your family’s health and damage your home. If you suspect or discover mold growing in your home, don’t waste any time before calling Sibley Construction Services. We can isolate the cause, clean or remove damaged materials and repair the issue that led to mold growth in the first place. Mold remediation and abatement is one of our specialties.

Lafayette LA Mold Remediation and Abatement Services

According to the CDC, exposure to mold can lead to asthma attacks, eye and skin irritation and allergic reactions. Worse, it can lead to severe infections in people with weakened immune systems.  Children and the elderly are at greatest risk from mold, as are those who already experience respiratory problems.

Potential for Mold Increases During Storm Season

As the storm and hurricane season continues, we want to increase awareness among homeowners of the danger from water damage or flooding, which can quickly lead to mold problems. It only takes 48 hours for mold growth to start in wet conditions. If materials within your home get wet in a storm, including the interior of your home, and you cannot dry everything completely within 48 hours, you may develop a dangerous mold condition.

flooded home after Hurricane Harvey

Flooded home after Hurricane Harvey

You should also be aware that you can encounter mold growth in your home caused by something other than storm damage. For example, a leaky roof, leaky siding or plumbing leaks can also lead to toxic mold issues.

Lafayette LA Mold Testing and AbatementWhy It’s Best to Rely on Professionals for Mold Clean-up

While some homeowners try to clean up mold problems themselves, one downside with this approach is you can’t always tell what caused the problem. Mold growth always starts with moisture. Sometimes you can smell the mold but can’t see where it’s growing; indeed, mold may grow behind walls or under flooring. When dealing with mold contamination, you are wise to turn to Sibley Construction’s professionals who have the training and equipment to handle the complete job.

The second downside to do-it-yourself mold remediation is the danger of disrupting mold spores that then become airborne and spread throughout your home via your HVAC system. We recommend you turn off your heating or cooling system and any fans you have running as well. Any attempts to dry the wet, moldy areas yourself may make things worse, so it’s best to resist that impulse. The Sibley Construction Services mold remediation and abatement team will come in and contain the affected area to prevent the spread of mold.

Protecting Yourself from Mold Contamination

If you need to be in the mold-affected area for some reason, please take precautions to protect yourself. The CDC recommends you wear a mask for your nose and mouth, protective gloves for your hands and forearms, and goggles with no vents for your eyes. These efforts will protect you from dust and mold spores that are too small to see. A better course of action is to simply leave the area. Once you do leave, be sure to shower and change clothes to keep from carrying the mold with you!

If you need to be in the mold-affected area for some reason, please take precautions to protect yourself.

To keep your family safe, we may suggest you leave the premises until we can complete the clean-up and repairs, but we will need to evaluate the situation before making that recommendation. If we can sufficiently contain the mold in the affected areas and allow you to continue to use the rest of your home, we will. We want to minimize disruption to your family as much as possible.

Professional Training, Techniques and Equipment Make the Difference

You may wonder what we can do to clean up the mold that you can’t do yourself. We have several cleaning techniques and solutions depending on the types of materials that have been damaged, including upholstery, for example. Our cleaning techniques differ for porous materials and non-porous materials. We also have equipment that will filter mold spores from the air. Materials we are unable to clean will need to be discarded. We follow EPA guidelines for safe removal of mold-infested materials to prevent further contamination.

Lafayette LA Mold Testing and Abatement

An advantage to having Sibley Construction Services handle your mold remediation is this: because we are also a construction firm, we can handle any necessary repairs to your home. In extreme cases, we may have to remove sections of drywall or flooring and replace those with new materials. Your home repairs and renovations are in good hands with Sibley.

If mold-related damage to your home is covered by your homeowners insurance, we can provide the documentation your insurance company will need to process your claim. Our insurance restoration expertise means we can handle the interaction with your insurance company that homeowners find so frustrating.

Lafayette LA Mold Testing and AbatementYour Checklist for Mold Remediation at Your Home:

  1. Smell or see mold growth: Call Sibley Construction Services for mold remediation and abatement.
  2. Need home repairs or remodeling as a result of mold infestation: Sibley Construction Services is already on site to complete your repairs.
  3. Need to file an insurance claim: Because Sibley Construction Services has handled your clean-up and repairs, we have all of the information your insurance company will require, and we have expertise in completing the insurance claim process.

Whether mold at your home is caused by a storm or an everyday leak, look to Sibley Construction Services for professional damage assessment, mold remediation and abatement, contractor services and insurance restoration. In Lafayette, LA, call Sibley Construction Services at (337) 264-9238.

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