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If you request a roof inspection, insist that your roofer comes to your home and conducts a physical, in-person inspection. While new technology has made remote roof inspection possible, Sibley Construction firmly believes only an in-person inspection will do. We are appalled when we hear of a roofing company using drones to inspect a roof. These roofing contractors sit at their desks and look at computers to view images sent by a drone. And they call that a roof inspection?

Don’t Accept a Long-Distance Roof Inspection

Sibley Construction is the Lafayette, LA, area roofing company you can trust. We have more than 70 combined years of roofing experience, and we will never abandon physical inspections. Drones are cool, but you can’t rely on images alone to determine a roof’s condition. Will the lighting be sufficient? Will the angle be correct? Can a drone lift a shingle and look under it? Our in-person roof inspection includes a complete walk-through. Call us old-fashioned … we won’t be offended. To us, it’s a compliment.

Sibley has local "boots on the ground" to handle all your roofing needs!

Sibley has local “boots on the ground” to handle all your roofing needs!

Our experienced roofing professionals are trained to do a complete assessment of the entire roofing system. From roof vents at the top to downspouts below, we inspect the condition of your shingles and every potential entry point for moisture.

Lafayette Parish LA Roof Inspection to determine hail and storm damage

If you’re thinking of inspecting your own roof, we don’t recommend that – unless you are a roofing expert. There are two reasons. The first one is the safety factor. Our roofers use a fall protection kit – safety gear necessary when working on a sloped roof. Professionals carry the equipment needed for the job: a roof anchor, safety harness, rope and lanyard. Also, Sibley Construction carries the appropriate insurance to cover our inspectors if an accident occurs.

Second, many problems on a roof cannot be identified by untrained personnel. You are not the best person to conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home’s roof. Not even if you have your own drone.

Areas We Check When Conducting A Comprehensive Roof Inspection

  1. We examine the integrity of the shingles as well as the flashing around chimneys, roof pipes and vents. Flashing is there to prevent water from seeping below the shingles. We look for gaps and missing shingles or flashing. If water seeps under shingles or between seams, we may find damage to the decking boards.Lafayette LA roof inspection specialists
  2. We check the soundness of the entire drainage system. That includes gutters and downspouts. All gutters and downspouts should be attached properly and sloping at the proper angle. They must also be free of debris. Gutters tend to collect leaves and pine straw – and possibly branches that have broken off trees. When the gutter fills with debris, the downspout will most likely need to be cleaned out as well. Unobstructed drainage is essential. We cannot stress this enough.
  3. We examine the entire roof to determine the overall condition of its components. We look to see how the roofing materials have aged. We search for missing, broken or worn shingles because shingles without granules on them are no longer protecting your home. We look for soft spots on the roof’s surface as we walk on it. A soft spot tells us the decking boards are probably rotting under the shingles.
  4. We also conduct an interior inspection. In rooms on the top floor of your home, we look for water stains on the ceiling. A water-stained ceiling indicates the roof is leaking somewhere. We go up into the attic looking for wet spots. If your decking boards are rotting, we will see the damaged wood under the roof’s surface from the inside. Can a drone do that?
  5. Finally, we inspect the soffit and fascia for holes, cracks and other damage. Damage to the soffit could indicate that water is not being properly directed away from the house. If the fascia is compromised, your gutters will not have sufficient support.

Youngsville LA Roof Replacement

Your Lafayette, LA, roof protects your home and its contents – including precious keepsakes and treasured heirlooms. You can count on Sibley Construction’s hands-on, in-person roof inspections to keep your roof in good working order. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your roof. If we catch signs of trouble early, we have a better chance that repairing or recovering the roof will prevent further damage. You may not need a full roof replacement. A drone will not provide all of the information required to make that determination.

Sibley ConstructionTo protect your Lafayette, LA, home, call Sibley Construction at (337) 330-2213 today or visit our contact page for a free estimate. Our in-person roof inspection cannot be matched by a drone. Sibley Construction is the local Louisiana roofing contractor you can rely on.







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